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 Tactic: Blood Prince Council (ICC10)

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PostSubject: Tactic: Blood Prince Council (ICC10)   Wed Jul 28, 2010 10:47 am


With this post i'd like to introduce you to the Blood Prince encounter in ICC 10.
As I aways say "the fight is rather simple" so with this few pointer we should have any problem downing them whatsoever.
Before i begin, i'd like to say that i thought about writhing a huge post with a lot of detailed information, but ... insted of that i will do:


The encounter take place in oval room - there is 3 bosses there (Prince Valanar, Prince Taldaram and Prince Keleseth).

Ideal set for this fight is:

2 tanks
2 healers
6 dps - (atleas one should be range)

(the set should varry if there is not a good dressed tank in the raid)

What people should know that the princes share their blood (that means that when we damage one of them we damage all of them).
At any given time there should be 2 princes with 1HP and one with full HP (or atleast what's left of it).
Dpsers should damage only the prince with the full HP (and rotate to the next prince once he gets the blood).

Every prince have specific skills that raid should be aware of:

Prince Valanar (this is will be the first prince to be damaged): Vortex and Kinetic Bomb
- vortex - normal vortex will damage all people in 12 yard radius and knock em back - empowered vortex is the bad version of the small one. - SPREAD OUT - DO NOT STAY CLOSE TO EACHOTHER - 12 yards MINIMUM!
- kinetic bombs - i.e. disco balls - they are yellow balls that are floating in the air and slowly going towards the ground. once they hit the ground - BOOOM - bad thing happens! - ONE RANGE DPS SHOULD BE ON DISCO DUTY ALL THE TIME ... HITTING THE BALLS BACK IN THE AIR CONSTANTLY TILL THEY DISAPEAR! (this is roughly 1 min from their aperiance).

Prince Taldaram - Flame and Sparks
- flame - he will summon a flame balls and trow them at random raid member. Once they hit the member - ball goes "boom" and do an aoe dmg - so dont stay near eachother.
- sparks - idealy this shoud be casted on the tank only - its a cone spell - that places a debuff on the target, slows movement 20% and do shit load of dmg (around 20k per 8 secs). this is dispelable - SO DISPELL ASAP !!!

Prince Keleseth - Lance - Nucleus
Lance - hurls a bolt of dark shadow shit that deals 15/16k dmg to the current tank. have empowered version that do 80k non resistable shadow shit on the tank. So good luck tank - bye bye Smile)) Baaah just kiddin!
Nucleus - simular to disco balls - this is shadow balls that are floaring around the room. The Keleseth tank should start gathering this balls ASAP once encounter start. Once he hit a Nucleus - it will follow the tank gaining him a buff that will reduce any shadow damage by 35%. So in general 3 Nucleus following the tank at all the time means that tank will be fine true the whole encounter! NO DPS should damage Nucleus - otherwise tank will be left open and prolly die from the shadow damage.
Use Blood Lust once Keleseth is ON - use CD's here is recomended!


You are dps:
1. Spread the fuck out .... 12 yards i say u hear me?!?!?!?1
2. Dps only the boss with the bloon on it!
3. Dont go near any vortex or it will cut your leg off!
4. What ... u need me to say it??!?! DPS the shit out of you!!!
5. Dont touch any purple balls (shadow Nucleus)
6. Go to 1.

You are healer:
1. Spread the fuck out - did u read the dps part - yeah - 12 yards - thats it!
2. Heal heal heal ... your socks off!
3. Dont let anyone dies - or they will cut ur leg off ... oh wait - that was vortex thingy! Aaaanyway!
4. Go to 1.

You are tank:
- tank 1
1. Pick up both prince Valanar and Taldaram.
2. Tank em on the stairs.
3. Use cd's on pickup.
4. Dont die.
5. If u actualy die - ur fucked ... nothing else to do Smile

- tank 2
1. Pick up prince Keleseth
2. Go run around screaming "AaaAaaaaAaaaa" and gather any Nucleus u see. They will slowly decay (and disapear) so run constantly and gather more of them. Ah yes - dont stop with the "AaaaaAaaaaAAaaa" - it will NOT help but its damn funny!
3. U died? U MORON - i did not mention you to die! BAD BAD TANK!

They died ...
Great ....
Now give me DA LOOT Smile

Best regards


Video Link: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Watch da damn video so u wont look as an ass on the encounter!
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PostSubject: Re: Tactic: Blood Prince Council (ICC10)   Wed Jul 28, 2010 11:44 am

Thanks for the nice guide! <3
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PostSubject: Re: Tactic: Blood Prince Council (ICC10)   Fri Aug 20, 2010 9:22 pm

Should probably mention that when Prince Taldaram (the Flame Orb fellow) is Empowered (i.e. being attacked by everyone), his Empowered Flame Orb requires a slightly different tactic. When he targets someone with it, try to get as many people as possible (for example, all the DPS) gathered up on the target, as it will then split the damage between all the people stacked rather than hit one single player in the face for quite a lot.
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PostSubject: Re: Tactic: Blood Prince Council (ICC10)   Sat Aug 21, 2010 8:18 am

Hey mate,

i see you joined our nice guild.

Very nice to see someone checking the topics whit reply's and help! Very nice!

Thanks for the awesome tip!
Will see you online next week when i am finally back from a very long holiday! Take care mate and have a great time!

And welcome to the guild!

Grtz Ekai
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PostSubject: Re: Tactic: Blood Prince Council (ICC10)   

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Tactic: Blood Prince Council (ICC10)
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