Casual WoW Horde guild on Al'Akir
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 JC, Inscription and soon BS mats or crafts!

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PostSubject: JC, Inscription and soon BS mats or crafts!    Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:45 pm

I have 3 chars in guild who together have Jewelcrafting, Inscription and 426 BS skill. They are Hàrak, Gotenkz and Broxfang just so you all know Smile
If there are any1 who are in need of mats or need something crafted I can do it without a fee as long as mats are given Smile
Depending on what you need it might even be free ;D
Unfortunatly I'm gone from 26-32 july or something since I'm on away for vacation Sad
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JC, Inscription and soon BS mats or crafts!
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