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 Zípet saying hello

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PostSubject: Zípet saying hello   Sat Jul 10, 2010 8:01 pm

Hey fellow mateys

im going to tell a bit about my self also telling about my health sick thingy i have.

My name is Steffen i am 22 years old with great humor i can always take a nice joke or even worse humors Razz i live in Denmark on up top "Jylland" im not sure what it could els be called in english i live in Brønderslev
have been liveing there for 3 years now i used to live in Copenhagen but that was to much stress for me so i didnt feel it back there but when i came up here to Jylland lived with my mother for a wile to i got my own place with i got now. i had a great jop fixing Cars motocykels etc anything really with a motor plus i did some side jops aswell still same place etc but sence i was specced in tuning cars i did that aswell (putting turbo's Intercooler etc in em) i did enjoy my jop alot great ppl to work with but after 2 weeks after i started i did feel that there was something there was wrong with me i was feeling bad had a hard time sometimes to focus even keep track what the hell i am doing and after a wile with thous things i did end up with a panik attack my buddy did go into real panik even when i knew there was nothing to go in panic about for a good example (think about you walk outside to get to the local shop to grap something when you are in that store a thief enter the shop and puts a gun for your head) thats how im feeling for no damn reson can be when im entering a shop with to many ppl in it or even at work still havent figured what that might could help with it. i had a high cance to get it cause my mom also had it so now i do have it but it is going alot better then before. before i couldnt even be at home by my own without getting some nasty panik attacks so now im getting some pills i have to take to relax and i also got some stronger relaxing pills that works after 30min i have been takeing em its only for use when my panik fear is really bad then i can take em to get it undercontrol very fast and thats a bless i got told by my docter that i had to look forward to live with this for rest of my life =( so that means no more working etc so no dreams like haveing my own car again damn i miss it =( and if you wonder witch car i had,

it was a Nissan Skyline R34 GTR Nizmo it was not all new was an used car i bought so had some issues but nothing serious i couldnt fix i had alrdy tuned it a bit so it had 752 BHP and styled aswell. Twisted Evil anyway.

after i got sick i culdnt earn decent money to pay off for the car so i had to sell it same with my ""toy"" a scooter also tuned and styled and painted with Pearl paint base White with Blue effeks where the sun will shine at it.

so now i have lost my biggest dreams and it did get me to the edge where i did feel evrything was to bad and i bet yuo know what i mean. but i did came to my "better me" and said to my self that this health thingy i got souldnt take control of my life witch it had so now im getting some help to do the small lame things like grapping a milk in the local store etc. going alot better i can not atleast sometimes go down and grap a milk >.<

that was a bit about my self in the Real Life part.

in WoW
i enoy raiding but a thing i put up the highest is to have a great raid with great fun no bad attitudes like "you retardet tank etc etc etc"
i am always up to help a guildes so dont be to scary to ask onyl answer you could get was a "no not right now maybe later" if im busy with an instance etc. i can also help with raids i have been RL in "Goddon" and i did push there spirits up so they did even better then fail in toc 10/25 =) so when i took control over it changed some basic loot rules and raiding rules like

flask is a MUST
gem and enchant your item is a MUST on your main dont care about your alts.
NO ONE tells "go" etc when the raid leader havent allowed you to take control
listen to the RL (Raid Leader) and ofc also for new tatics etc
dont be a dick to your guildies that means dont call em noob/nap/retard etc that WILL resault in a kick from raid right away and a warning after that can resault in that you are not allowed to join next weeks raid or even lose some DKP's (DKP a buy tool easy to understand)

that was just the basic very simple rules i made thous rules due to TheFellowships issues they sometimes had so ppl when crasy over VENT and i do not what that to happen

i think that was about it i had to tell about my self =)
if you want to ask about something ofc shoot away also if you need to talk etc i will always listen i am a good freind im not the type "i am your friend and after backstabbing you" have tryid that a Shitload of times

anyway im out mateys


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Senior Member

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PostSubject: Re: Zípet saying hello   Sun Jul 11, 2010 1:51 am

haha nice and impressing story u got there Smile

Well welcome ey and looking forward to chitchat and raid with u ofc Wink u seem a nice guy ^^

Thx for this, cya ingame Smile

X Skya Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Zípet saying hello   Sun Jul 11, 2010 11:59 am

Quite a heavy story about your sickness - damn Sad .
I can imagine how hard it is to lose all your dreams because of this...
I'm glad it's going abit better these days, and I hope the future will be bright coloured for your, and that you can forfill some of your dreams still.

You sound like a nice and mature guy with good humor - experienced that in the icc raid aswell.
You still made the best apply I've seen so far on the forum Cool - And you really want to get this guild going and help others, good job!

Thanks for joining us, I bet we still have alot of nice times with you in this guild !

Take care


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PostSubject: Re: Zípet saying hello   Sun Jul 11, 2010 3:17 pm

Sad to hear about your sickness, but I'm glad it's going better.

Seems to be a nice boost to our raids.

BTW I would like to see a picture of your car. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Zípet saying hello   

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Zípet saying hello
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