Casual WoW Horde guild on Al'Akir
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 Application for Dps

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PostSubject: Application for Dps   Wed Jul 07, 2010 3:06 pm

Character info.

Character name: Dreik

Level: 80 (Weird question, since this is a raiding guild, ofc im 80)


Prefered spec/ Secondary spec: Demonology / Not talented specc, wich means i can be whatever specc you want!

Stats in prefered spec (With rough estimate of dps or hps if applicable - Gearscore too!): 4k GS Sad. But making progress.

Post your armory link please:

Is your secondary spec geared?:Aye

Would you play your secondary spec if the raid needs it?: Yeah.


Raiding experience (Including vanilla and TBC):Naxx, Weekly raids, Voa25/10

Cool name: Dreik

Previous guild(s): Zwaar Van De Kaart.

Reason for leaving previous guild: Boring, rough raids Etc.

Reason for wanting to join Inversed:Nice site, friendly players, want to raid.

Personal info.

Age: 13

Nationality: Half-English, Hald-Danish (can speak danish just cat write) and dutch

Is your internet connection Stable? yes

Are you available on our raid nights?
Tuesday and Sunday (Thursday is our extra day) from 19.30 till 23.00 Ingame time yes

Do you agree whit our guild rules? Yupidilopely Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Application for Dps   Wed Sep 01, 2010 12:23 am

Sorry man,,

You are abit on the younger side of life!
Anyway good luck whit future guilds!

Declined and lock'd
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Application for Dps
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