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 ToC: Anub'Arak

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PostSubject: ToC: Anub'Arak   Mon Jun 28, 2010 8:36 pm


The final boss of the instance. This fight has three phases.

In the first phase the tank should pick up Anub'arak and face him away from the group. This will prevent his cone attack from hitting the rest of the raid.

Adds called Nerubian Burrower will appear. The off tank should pick these up. The tricky part about the burrowers is that they will burrow into the ground, and when they reappear they will be at full health. To prevent this, ranged DPS should shoot the orbs above the boss out of the air. They will fall onto the ground and create frozen areas. If the burrower is on one of these patches it cannot burrow. If there is more than one burrower, they will give each other buffs if they are close to each other, so keep them seperated. For 10 man this shouldn't be a problem because you should be able to kill each burrower before the next one spawns.

In phase two, Anub'arak burrows underground. At this time he cannot be damaged. You will see spikes on the ground, and they will slowly puruse a random character. If the spikes cross any of the frozen patches he will slow down, so it helps to have many patches on the ground. Each time hits a frost patch he will switch targets. There are also some adds, but they are non-elite. They do give out stacking debuffs, so try to spread out tanking duties among the tank, off-tank and sturdy DPS characters.

In the third phase, Anub'arak will emerge from the ground. He will cast a spell called Leeching Swarm. This damages everyone in the raid for 10% of their current health (not maximum health) every second. It then uses this health to heal Anub'arak. This system requires a very particular strategy from your healers. If they heal all members of the raid to max health, Anub'arak will heal much faster. If they allow the raid members to be at low health, Anub'arak will heal less. The trick is to give out just enough healing to keep raid members alive. Heal over time spells work well for this, as do shield spells. Players who have the Penetrating Cold dot will require extra attention from healers, but still should not be healed to their max health.
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ToC: Anub'Arak
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