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 [STRAT] Northrend Beasts(ToC10)

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PostSubject: [STRAT] Northrend Beasts(ToC10)   Sun Jun 27, 2010 11:34 pm

the first boss is actually 3 encounters, lets begin with the first one:

Gormok the Impaler:

basically only 3 things to do/know

* First off, this boss does an Impale dot on tanks, when it reaches 3-4 stacks on the MT the OT should taunt it off

* Secondly he throws out snowbolds at random players, they must be killed by dpsers, since they can stun their targets

* Third, both ranged and healers need to stay more than 15-yards away from the boss, to avoid his interrupting aoe and spread out to avoid fire

moving onto the dual Worms:

Acidmaw and Dreadscale

in this encounter there will be 2 bosses, one for each tank to handle, one worm will be stationary and one will be moving around, at start it will always be Acidmaw that's stationary.
now, to tank the stationary is not big deal, the moving one will have to be moved around the instance since he spawns poisonous circles on the ground.
the 2 worms adds a different debuff as well. Acidmaw applies Paralytic Toxin; Dreadscale applies Burning Bile. PT dmg increases over time and also reduces movement speed and will after a few ticks make you unable to move.
Dreadscale applies Burning Bile, BB will dmg nearby allies aswell, but it ticks do also removes PT on infected nearby allies. so a player(whom is not a tank) with burning bile should run to the Acidmaw tank, to have his debuff removed. while dpsers affected by PT should run to the Aciwmaw tank to have their debuffs removed. and its recommended that Acidmaw dies first to get rid of the PT casting boss, even though the other worm will enrage and deal 50% more dmg when his friend dies, but that shouldnt be a big problem;)

and now for the final encounter of the Beasts of Northrend:


* Massive Crash: Icehowl knocks the entire raid back to the walls, stunning everybody.

* Icehowl moves to the center of the room and picks a random target which he's going to charge. He turns in that raid member's direction.

* After a short pause, Icehowl takes a few steps back. At the instant he starts moving backward, everybody gets a speed buff and can move again.

* Ferocious Butt:After two seconds, he charges the spot where his target was originally standing.

* If he touches any player (not necessarily the original target) while moving to the chosen spot - they die instantly and he enrages. (This is dispellable with Tranquilizing Shot or Anesthetic Poison).

* If he hits nobody, he crashes into the wall. He is stunned and takes increased damage for about 5 seconds.

so basically healers must spread out so they can heal everyone without being to close to the boss, ranged must spread out as well, and then its just needed to avoid his charge, and then just rinse and repeat, after this boss there will be loot:)
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[STRAT] Northrend Beasts(ToC10)
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