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 Guild Rules Please read

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PostSubject: Guild Rules Please read    Thu Jun 24, 2010 1:53 pm

<<<<<< Guild Info: >>>>>>

--- History: ---

Inversed is an offspring and a tribute to the great guild of Scarshield Legion. Guild name was ''Legends of the Horde'' and was made in the glory of vanilla wow. We wen't to serveral raids like ZG and MC, it was a very relaxing and good guild. This guild would carry forth the roots and ideals of the old guild. At present we are a 80-account guild with diverse players and interests, focusing on a strong 10man raiding and instancing.

--- Aspirations: ---

Inversed is a PVE-based family style guild. We attempt to make fair progress in raiding content (Currently only 10mans) while still keeping a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We are not strict on attendance and interaction, but those that show higher dedication do get rewarded with raiding position and other bonuses.

--- Raiding: ---

we have no marks whit this guild in the raiding area, but we will chance it very soon! And be the number 1 casual raiding guild! We officially raid twice a week; Tuesdays and Sundays from 7:30pm to 11pm server time. We got another extra raiding day for extra progression if we feel for it. Thursday from 7:30pm to 11pm if we want too, depends on our members ofcourse! We also raid on offdays to farmed areas where we can.

--- Recruitment: ---

All applicants are invited to post an application to join the guild in the "Applications" section on the message board. If you class is not recruited however if you genuinely believe that you are a well geared, fully committed WoW player, please feel free to apply where upon your application will be viewed

<<<<<< Rules: >>>>>>

The Guild Masters and Officers decisions are final. They do not have to justify every decision they make to all members. If you do not trust your leaders you should not be here. The officers are selected through time and are responsible, mature and trusted. If you have a complaint against one of the officers, speak to the guildmaster directly.

If you are inactive for more than 1 month, please let an officer note you as such or post it on the forums with your reason. Anyone inactive for longer than a month without a reason will be removed from the guild and will have to reapply.

Ninja’ing is a kickable offence and will not be tolerated. If you are in a PUG group and anyone reports you of ninja’ing and there is enough proof against you, you will be kicked. If you see a fellow member ninja’ing, please screenshot and send to the guildleader.

Omen and Deadly Boss Mods or a similar bossmod is mandatory for raiding. If you are pure PVP, then this is not a must, but any person taking part in a raid must have Omen installed.

Dropping out of instances without at least saying goodbye and your reason for leaving is bad etiquette and gives the guild a bad name. If you know you will not be able to stay the 1-3 hours needed for the instance, tell the party beforehand or don’t go into the instance. Repeated leaving of instances (even “fake” disconnects) will result in removal from the guild.

You always come to raids with:

■All your armour repaired to 100%.
■All your reagents ready (for buffs, rezzing, anks...)
■A FULL bag of shards (full means FULL) if you are a Warlock.
■A Stack of highest level Bandages

Be at the meeting place before the raid starts. If you are late, substitutes will be used and you will placed in the queue

Swearing is normal. Normal swearing at situations, eg. “Ganked by a #$@%ing allie Pallie” is accepted. But do not swear at another guildmember or at another player or gratuitously swear for no reason.

Do not be rude to other guildmembers. If you have something insulting to say to someone, take it to whisper. Arguments in guildchat will not be tolerated. You will be moved to a punishment rank and your guild voice taken away.

Applying to another guild means an immediate kick. If you do not want to be here, leave and then apply to other guilds.

PUGging (pick up groups) with other guilds to raid instances which we are actively progessing through (eg. ICC10, ToC10) means an immediate kick. If you want to raid with other guilds, no use joining us. Farmed raids are PUGable (eg Naxx, Ulduar).

<<<<< In game rolling for items works this way: >>>>>

x Main spec > Offspec any way any day (even if you come raiding as Offspec!)
x Disenchanted stuff from the raid will be placed in de guildbank. Members can buy those mats for 1/2 of the AuctionHouse price!
x BOE items that drop from raids and no one wants them will be given to guildbank for being sold to members for 1/2 of the AuctionHouse price!
x Special mats (like crusader orbs etc) will be going to the guildbank aswell. Those items will be used to gear up for members and/or will be sold 1/2 AuctionHouse price!
x Gaining an offspec item will result in giving 50g to the guildbank. For example im raiding main spec enhancement and i want to get the resto piece, I need to ''buy'' the piece for 50 gold.

The gold will be used for buying resistance gear (for raiding for tanks etc) Buying new bank slots, Prices for contest we will make in the future and for cataclysm stuff we probally need to buy as guild!

<<<<<< How to make your raidleader unhappy!: >>>>>>

1. If you come to a raid unprepared i.e.: Without ENOUGH Reagents, Potions, food, bandages and being repaired.

2. Going AFK without a saying or for a long period of time without a valid reason.

3. Any uncalled for raid Disruptions in raid chat and Team speak.

4. Not showing or arriving late for a raid that you signed up for on Calendar. ( So if you cannot make it make sure you renounce from the raid an hour or two before hand and inform an officer online or send the Raidleader a mail saying that you cannot attend)

5. Not having the required addons installed and on the correct channels. The Required Raiding addons are:

Teamspeak/Ventrillo (don't have one yet), Deadly Boss Mods & Omen

6. Disobeying, Disrespecting a raid leader or your guild leader .

7. If you cannot stay the full 4hours you are required to stay for a raid say so before the raid starts so that a replacement can be on standby.

<<<<<< How YOU can make a difference in raids: >>>>>>

1. Speak to your officers and senior classes, they are there to help you!

2. Read The Guides that are on almost all websites Wowhead, Wowwiki, Thottbot and Watch raid movies on you tube.

3. Come prepared for anything. If you're an engineer, bring that repairbot. If you know you're going to get a piece from emblems or reputation during the run, bring along the gems/enchanting mats you want to put in so you can change to your new piece on the fly.

4. If you're familiar with an encounter and the raidleader isn't, help him along with tactics but don't try to take over every encounter. Advice is good, placing stress on the raidleader isn't.

5. Watch around you during progression fights and see where wipes can be turned into kills and mention when a tactic can be tweaked.

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PostSubject: Re: Guild Rules Please read    Thu Jun 24, 2010 5:30 pm

Nice rules.

Read by - Tyroth

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Guild Rules Please read
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