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 Guild Break

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PostSubject: Guild Break   Mon Oct 11, 2010 3:52 pm

Dear members,

Inversed is in a small break until Cataclysm hits.
Officers will log in whenever they feel for it, less active as it should be for an officer.
No need to panic yet! Guild management will be discused at forum any time of the day as we are doing right now.
This is how we going to do it:

*No raiding whit the guild before Cataclysm
*Guild won't be active before Cataclysm

But we will rebuilt the guild to what the purpose was of the guild,Fun, Raiding, Active guild and so on!
We will make the guild big, fun and social again.

The problem we face at the moment,
Officers including me and most of our members don't have much time or interest in wow at the moment.

I hope you understand this problem, which will occur in every guild just before an expension hits the release date.

Feel free to join us again if you decide to leave the guild.
You are more than welcome to take part of Inversed again in Cataclysm!

Kind regards
Uldo, Tyroth, Menethos, Azimuth and Ekai
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Guild Break
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