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 The guildbank donation list

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PostSubject: The guildbank donation list   Mon Aug 30, 2010 9:25 pm

Well - before my vacation we gathered some nice idea's on this forum for our gb.
For now I'm going to introduce some of these idea's to see if we can benefit some more from it - and that donaters will be rewarded for their efforts.
Althrough people are free themself if they wanna donate or not and we don't want to force you to do so Smile

The idea is to make a donation list of the people who deposit ( frequently ) stuffs in the gb.
This list shows how many (usefull) items you have dropped in the gb. --> Since I can't see all past donations, I'll count donations from now on.
How more you deposit in the bank - how more acces you have to items on the bank.
So when you deposit (usefull) items - feel free to ask me or an officer for an item and according to your past donations,
we will deceide if you need to buy it half a.h. price, get it with discount, or even free.
Also other rewards like extra dkp / higher rank / or prior raid inv might be introduced in the future.
Ill discuss that with the other officers asap and edit this post by that time.

Ill deceide if your item is rather usefull or not ~ and higher lvl items will get you higher on the donation list.
For example; if you drop a stack of linnen cloth youll get a lower rankings then when you drop a stack of fish feasts.
I'm gonna work with points from 1 to 5 - 1 point means a low drop ( greeny / cloth ) - 5 point a high lvl epic etc.
Money donations will be awarded with 1 point per 100 g.
Hope it's clear for now. When you have questions or recommandatoins feel free to ask/say
It's a new system for me aswell and hope it can improve our gb ussage.

Donation list

- Broxfang (21)
- Zathkar (10)
- Combatcow (7)
- Penetratus (5)
- Eredian (1)
- Skya (1)

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The guildbank donation list
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