Casual WoW Horde guild on Al'Akir
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PostSubject: Application   Fri Aug 27, 2010 3:16 pm

Subject: Application - Menathos Wed Aug 18, 2010 10:07 pm


Character info.

Character name: Jizzard

Level: 58

Class: Druid

Prefered spec/ Secondary spec: Main spec - Balance dps, offspec - Resto healing

Stats in prefered spec (With rough estimate of dps or hps if applicable - Gearscore too!): not available yet as i am currently levelling but should be 80 fairly soon.

Post your armory link please:

Is your secondary spec geared?: not yet

Would you play your secondary spec if the raid needs it?: yes but it would take some practise probably in a easier raid just to start off.


Raiding experience (Including vanilla and TBC): vanilla - none (didnt make it to lvl 60 in time),
The burning crusade - Karazhan, magtheridon's lair, gruul's lair, SSC,
Wrath of the Lich king - Naxx 10/25, malygos 10/25, obsidian sanctum 10/25, first few ulduar bosses, toc 10/25 (not heroic)

Best raiding moment:
After a year of farming kara, maggy's/gruul's lair when i finally got into SSC and killed 4 bosses.

Previous guild(s):
Not too sure on names as there have been quite a few but most of the time lvling guilds and pvp guilds.

Reason for leaving previous guild:
I would like to raid more and the guild was a pvp associated guild which didnt offer what i needed.

Reason for wanting to join Inversed:
Would like to start raiding with an organised guild instead of PuG's and this looks to be a good guild xD.

Personal info.

Age: 17

Nationality: England

Is your internet connection Stable? Yes

Are you available on our raid nights? Yes for sunday, depending on college work for tuesday but should be ok for it.
Tuesday and Sunday (Thursday is our extra day) from 19.30 till 23.00 Ingame time

Do you agree whit our guild rules? Yes/No
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PostSubject: Re: Application   Fri Aug 27, 2010 3:29 pm

Had a talk whit him - wanted to join us and eventually raid whit us ones he is 80!

Asked him to make a application anyhow so we know him abit better! And he did!

Thanks mate!

Have a great time!
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