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 Rat race

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PostSubject: Rat race   Sat Jun 12, 2010 11:10 pm

Rat Race - Guild Event!
Ekai on Tue May 11, 2010 3:35 pm

.Rat Race.
For this event we will require guildies to make level 1 alts and bring them over to the start point (gates of Orgrimmar). Race and class of the alt does not matter much, but prefer Orc/Troll (they are close to the gate ^^). The point of this event is a death race through the very dangerous places. Basically you run the track and finish. The first to reach the finish wins. We have checkpoints along the way to restrict players to go a particular path or we give
them freedom to choose their own. We will discuss this today not sure now

I think we will set up the track from Orgrimar to Shadowpray Village in Desolace with the checkpoints in Crossroads and Sun Rock Retreat. We can also set finish in the enemy capital, that will bring some wicked fun to this run, however will increase the length of the event. The rules of the event should be as follows: no summons/portals, no consumables, no enchants/speed enhancers (if there are any available at level 1), no flight paths, no rezing at spirit healer. Any cheaters should be disqualified.

This is a guild event, we can hopefully rely on the honesty of the players. There will be a reward tied to first place (or first 3). Reward can be either from admission fee or from the guild fund/boosts etc.

As an interesting twist we can make race an escape instead,we just summon all the noobs in some dengerous place and see who can make it out alive
Limiting number of allowed deaths can put a nice twist on this event as well.

Hope you guys like it!

About when? Discuss
Sign up? Keep checking forum for the thread to do so!
Who? Every guildy who wants!

See ya soon!

grtz Ekai
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Rat race
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