Casual WoW Horde guild on Al'Akir
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 Herro guildy and new guys!

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Inversed Captain
Inversed Captain

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PostSubject: Herro guildy and new guys!    Tue Aug 03, 2010 3:19 am

Just making a post to say hero! Very Happy
Hoping future applicators will read this post and decide this is the guild for me (that would be you)

This guild is player friendly and help guildies with enhancing gear and well random stuff I guess. Joined with a alt and decided fast to get my main in the guild to contribute with it's progress after getting to know the guild leader and it's other members Smile If your looking for a place where you have two raids a week and a not too serious community where you get spanked when not attending every raid 5-7 times a week then this might just be the guild for you Wink

rewards contributors and everyone gets a fair chance in getting loot with the dkp system which halves your dkp standing each month so if you got a lot of items the first month and your dkp is -100ish or something it will be halved to 50- dkp the next month Wink

Seeing as this thread should be used to talk about myself I'll just say I'm a good hearty fellow who can laugh from bad and good jokes. Making a contribute and helping others is what I do Very Happy I listen to rock, pop, metal, anime music and Lotr music such as Enya, Xray dog, Two Steps From Hell etc Very Happy Like reading fantasy (seeing as my avatar is Drizzt this should be obvious Wink) and playing wow/FPS games such as Halo, CoD and BF BC2 Smile

Oh and I like to post things at forum! It's fun!

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PostSubject: Re: Herro guildy and new guys!    Wed Aug 04, 2010 5:20 pm

Yay for you - you deserve a big hug when I come online in 3 weeks Very Happy

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Herro guildy and new guys!
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