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 Hunter Survival

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PostSubject: Hunter Survival   Tue Aug 03, 2010 2:53 am

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Full guide for how to max your DPS as a survival hunter.
Things to be aware of though, endgame gear will increase your ArP (Armor Penetration) significantly and will thus make MM a better choice for endgame gear but when gearing up survival should be your spec. Ofc, this is up to each Huntard and DPS may vary a lot .

Seeing as the guide aint showing a spec I'l just show what I would recommend:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

These are my own opinions regarding a proper Surv spec:


Seeing as the guide aint showing a spec I'll just show what I would recommend:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

These are my own opinions regarding a proper Surv spec:

Imp Aspect of the Hawk 3/5 will depend on your haste since your Steady Shot have a 1.5 sec cast time, anymore would just be a waste since global cool down wouldn't let you do anything else the remaining time and thus be a talent point wasted.

Expose Weakness 1/3 should vary on how much crit % you have, if low crit then it might be a good idea to put an extra point there in expense of Imp AotH. This is a very good talent but too many points would be overkill since hunters should crit a lot. Around 40% crit should be enough to remove one or maybe two talents from this one.

Hunting Party is a decent talent since it will reduce downtime when you need to use Viper Sting/Viper Aspect. If you find yourself in a raids where there is always someone giving the Replenishment buff you might be better off putting the talent point on more haste or the Expose Weakness talent.

Focused Aim is a tier 1 talent in MM and is a must have if you don't have the required hit cap (8%). This talent's stats wont show up in character stats but it's a must have if hit rating is lacking. Taking a talent point off some off the mentioned talents whereas Imp AotH is highest on list would be advisable seeing as most of the other talents would give a greater loss in DPS.

Go for the Throat 1/2 gives the pet 25 focus each time you crit and is a must in order to max your pets DPS. Having two points would only be a overkill and a wasted talent.

Wyern Sting+Noxious Sting might be overlooked since you need to spend a talent on a non-raid essential talent but the talent under "Noxious Sting" gives 3% damage boost to all targets afflicted by Serpent Sting and this should be up at all times.

There are different talent builds for different gear so you should compare current stats with current talent build to ensure you don't have some talent points that could have been used otherwise

As all Huntards should know we no longer have a rotation but rather a prior list. But after spending several months playing as Surv huntard I have always open the fight with:

1. Mark
2. Serpent Sting
3. Black Arrow
4. Explosive Arrow
5. Multishot/Aimed Shot if you specced this
6. Steady Shot 2x

When you finished this rotation Explosive Arrow will be up again the second you shot the last Steady Shot and after this it will be all about using whatever spell is up and filling the spare time with steady shots. Although it's better to wait one sec for explosive shot to get ready than wasting 0.5 secs + on a Steady Shot.


Hope you find the link and my personal advice helpful Smile Any comments regarding the talent build or rotation will be appreciated.
Hàrak out!
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Hunter Survival
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